We Need Your Help Creating APIs for the 2020 Presidential Election

This U.S. 2020 Election resource center is designed to be a community effort, and we need your help to find and develop APIs that can help make for a more informed public during this 2020 election. We have seeded the resource center by discovering and rating the relevant election APIs we could find, but now we need to the communities help to take it the next step.

Now we are looking for the community to help us find and create valuable datasets around the election, publish them as APIs, then develop a Postman collection for the API so that we can list it here. Feel free to submit your ideas for new datasets or APIs, or if you want to roll up your sleeves and develop an API, as a GitHub issue for this project. Letting us know you what you are looking to develop or share as part of this U.S. Election 2020 resource center.

We thank you for your help during this election. Many of the datasets we are looking for like ballot boxes, polling stations, and other relevant data aren't easy to find via existing APIs or even open datasets. So it is going to take an army of developers to help us make this happen, and provide the resources we will need to make sense of what is happening. We are using the GitHub issues for this project as the feedback loop for the project, so if you have any questions or comments, make sure and submit them as a GitHub Issue, so that Postman, and the communimty can step up and help make this happen.

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