A U.S. 2020 Election Developer Toolbox

This is a 2020 election developer toolbox for United States, designed to help organize many differe APIs that can help make sense of the 2020 Election into a single toolbox that anyone can use to develop applications. Providing a single landing page that can help organize valuable collections, but also help organize the community when it comes to identifying potentially new APIs, or even delivering entirely new APIs from valuable datasets.

This toolbox runs entirely on GitHub using a GitHub repository as the central storage for the project, while leveraging GitHub Issues as the feedback loop for the project. You are welcome to submit questions, feedback, and suggestions for new APIs and collection using the GitHub Issues, or even submit pull requests on the listings of APIs in the data folder for the project. The site uses YAML from the data folder, in combination with Jekyll and GitHub pages to make the data available via the toolbox UI.

All the APIs listed via Postman Collections are available for you to use in your applications, and if you can't find something you are looking for feel free to submit a GitHub issue. This project is led by Postman, but is intended to be a community project, and depends on everyone stepping up to help. Thanks for your support, and make sure you get out and vote in this election.

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